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'It Is What It Is — Grace through acceptance', published 2013:

The secret to living a happy, contented and fulfilled life is to transform your insurmountable problems into something positive. These could include problems such as: your sexual preferences;Back and front of the book: It Is What It Is judgement from religious bigotry that doesn't match modern lifestyles; lack of self-worth and self-confidence; overcoming debilitating habits like drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography and gambling; a deep seated sense of insufficiency, trying to keep up with the Joneses in a world of material expectation; and, besides many other challenges, living a life lacking purpose and a workable sense of spirituality. If you identify with this in any way, you are encouraged to read Thomas' book. It is a meticulously told story to enlighten, encourage and inspire you. The story is autobiographical which adds a practicality that would otherwise be missing from a book of just theoretical life skills.