Budge Coat of Arms
Budge Coat of Arms
Thomas William Erith Budge
Thomas William Erith BUDGE
b. 1953, Johannseburg, South Africa
Anne LOVELL        
Marjorie Maud Mary (unmarried) Gladys Monica MATHISON Dympna Thomas Victor Erith
Erith George Budge
Erith George BUDGE
b. 1921, East London, South Africa
d. 2001, Germiston, South Africa
Yvonne Cheyne Sinclair
Yvonne Cheyne SINCLAIR
b. 1929
Married ?
Sylvan McKay (unmarried)        
siblings: Martha Ann
b. 1874
Jane Elizabeth
b. 1875
George William
b. 1877
Thomas Richard Budge
Thomas Richard BUDGE
b. 1879
Maud Hope Knobel
Maud Hope KNOBEL
Married ?
Edith Ruth
b. 1880
Emma Susannah
b. 1883
Ellen Matilda Mabel Gertrude Evelyn
siblings:     Jane Elizabeth
George Thomas Erith Budge
George Thomas Erith BUDGE
b. ±1845
Martha Gardner
Married 1873 — King William's Town
Elizabeth Ann John William Emma Godfrey William Gertrude Florence
siblings:     Emma
George Ryall Budge
George Ryall BUDGE
b. 1821
Ann Erith
Married ?
Georgina F        
Samson Budge
Samson BUDGE
Hannah Ryall
Hannah RYALL
Married ±1816/7 — Wilcove, Devon