Are you looking for someone who understands life's many challenges? Someone who will compassionately, patiently and lovingly help you regain confidence and overcome your negative thoughts? Are you looking for someone to offer you a hand of friendship to help you reclaim life in abundance? Thomas will…
Thomas W E Budge

Thomas Budge was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1953.

With a sheltered childhood growing up inside the Jehovah's Witness faith (to which he no longer belongs), life was principled and lovingly naive. Then, all hell broke loose around the age of nineteen when he refused military training under the South African apartheid system and was imprisoned in solitary confinement in army detention barracks. Finding solace in the faith during those long years of isolation would have worked, had he not been deeply conflicted by his sexual orientation. These were impossible choices for a young man to make: serve the Witnesses and deny self or accept what is and lose everything. He chose to honour self. Given the irreconcilable differences in belief, the Jehovah's Witnesses excommunicated him. And, so began a longer period of a different kind of solitary, this time separated from family and friends through the process of shunning, the Witness's punishment for disobedience.

Where many would have dishearteningly capitulated, Thomas seized life and is now one of South Africa's leading transformational therapists. His book, It Is What It Is tells his story with brutal honesty. It gives his readers hope that there is more to life. Thomas devotes his life to helping others find grace through acceptance. He has received international acclaim and award for his work.